Unfair Dismissal Affects Employers and Employees

What You Need To Know about Unfair Dismissal:

  1. In many cases neither party may be fully aware of what he or she has done to give rise to an Unfair Dismissal Claim, and how they should respond to the circumstances that have presented themselves in the workplace.
  1. Because an Unfair Dismissal claim is something many people have not experienced before it can be a very frightening & stressful experience.
  1. If an employee is successful in an Unfair Dismissal claim against an employer the main options are reinstatement to the position held prior to dismissal or a financial settlement.
  1. The Fair Work Commission has the power to award up to six months wages to be paid to successful applicants where the dismissal is found to be unfair.
  1. It is important that employers and employees understand their rights and responsibilities in relation to Unfair Dismissal claims and their lodgement or defence.





Often Court is the Last Place Either Party Wants to End Up.

We Specialise in Mediation & Use Courts Only When All Else Fails.


We Help Reach Resolutions:

We have a very simple system that steps Employers & Employees through the whole process, and it all starts with a simple Free phone call.

This first call is free and outlines:

  • The Processes involved in Unfair Dismissal and related claims such as –
    • Adverse Action (General Protections)
    • Discrimination
    • WorkCover Claims
  • Eligibility and processes
  • What rights you have as an Employee or as an Employer
  • How to respond to or lodge a claim, and the applicable Tribunal or Court
  • What time frames are involved
  • What likely outcomes can be in an Unfair Dismissal Judgement
  • An estimate of costs

An honest assessment of where we think you may be positioned, and therefore our professional opinion as to what options you have available and how best to proceed.



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Our Free Introductory Call Includes

20 Minute Free Initial Consultation with Leigh:

  1. leigh-bernhardt-300x199Understanding the Processes involved
  2. What you need to do now!
  3. Assistance in helping you to decide on the best possible option to suit your circumstances
  4. Advice on how to achieve the best possible outcome
  5. Decide on a clear action plan and timetable if you decide to proceed



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Attention to Detail


Adherence to All Time Frames


Peace of Mind

We Know The Unfair Dismissal Laws

Strict Time Frames

There are very strict Time Frames involved in Unfair Dismissal Cases (usually 21 days to lodge a claim from the date of dismissal) designed to prevent frivolous or vexatious cases, and applications for extensions of time beyond this allocation are rarely granted.

Exacting Guidelines

There are also strict guidelines for eligibility to lodge an Unfair Dismissal claim in relation to minimum service requirements, with employees being required to have completed the minimum of 12 months continuous service for employers with 15 or less employees and 6 months service for employers with 15 or more employees at the time of the dismissal.

Related Claims

Quite often these types of claims can be accompanied by WorkCover and/or stress claims and may require some form of workplace investigation to determine the matters claimed or in dispute, we will advise on these matters and are able to carry out these services if required.

  • 1. Act Fast – 21 Days may be all you have! 80%
  • 2. Early Management – Know Your Rights from the Get Go. 90%
  • 3. Professional Advice – Protect Your Rights & Avoid Costly Mistakes 100%

Seek Advice Immediately

Early management of an Unfair Dismissal Claim is vital to minimising damage and ensuring that the correct procedures are followed by both applicants and defendants.

So regardless of whether you are an Employee or an Employer you need to act fast to Protect Your Rights. It is in your best interest to seek the advice & representation of a recognised Unfair Dismissal professional. Mistakes are costly so do not take chances.


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