As supplied by Maree in January 2015


I would like to share with you my story when I first picked up the phone and called Leigh Bernhardt Corporate Consulting Services Pty Ltd.


I had been experiencing workplace bullying for some 18mths in a workplace I loved and was then suspended

for allegations that were untrue. I had been speaking with many different avenues in an effort to find someone

who I felt comfortable with and who spoke to me like I was the only one experiencing pain and anguish.


I found Leigh just one week short of closure but with his words of guidance and the time that he availed me I went into my negotiation meetings with

more confidence and as an end result received double the amount first offered.


I never met Leigh in person,  but just speaking with him I knew that his empathy, his commitment to helping people in workplace situations ,

his experience and knowledge that he was the one who could  see me through this nightmare.


It’s all over for me now and I hope I never have to go through it again but I wanted to tell you, the reader, that if are looking for someone you can

trust, who truly supports you  and gets the job done, Leigh Bernhardt will help you.


All the best Leigh