HR / IR Services Overview

Looking for an experienced representative to help with Industrial Relations, Human Resources or workforce and employee issues such as:

Over 25 years of experience representing employers at the corporate, industry, workplace and advocate level.

We offer a free initial consultation when seeking advice for the following employee related issues:

This includes an assessment and advice on all of your options to resolve issues, including costs and outcomes.

This first step is essential in these matters, as many employee related claims and disputes have mandatory timelines to both lodge applications and to respond to claims.

It is vital that you seek help as soon as possible.  Many employee related claims and disputes are subject to very strict time lines.  You can be penalised if you don’t lodge the proper paperwork in the first instance.  You can also be penalised if you do not respond in time.  Either way, knowing what needs to be done can save you a great deal of stress and money.

The initial steps you take can have a major impact on the potential outcome.

For example, did you know that failure to comply with the correct employment compliance requirements can attract monetary penalties?

Reichman-LawyersThere is a $10,800 fine for an individual, and $54,000 for a corporation, for not providing the Fair Work Information Statement to new employees with their letter of engagement.

No employer wants a visit from Fairwork or a Union because of a disgruntled employee.

We will show you how to avoid problems in the future by planning properly from the start.

We provide the following tools to help employers comply with the Fair Work Act 2009 and the National Employment Standards:

We can provide the documentation and advice to classify new and existing workers as employees and/or contractors.

This includes the necessary documentation to meet employer or organisational compliance requirements, including Modern Award rates, application, classifications and compliance.

We can help with workplace investigations, Mediation and Arbitration if required.  If you are in a situation where you may be in need of these services please give us a call and we will assist you with your problem quickly and professionally.

Need workplace training? We can supply tailored training sessions or workshops on current topics such as:

to help reduce potential employer liability and costs and to educate employees about workplace responsibilities.

In today’s industrial environment many employers need a flexible workforce. But they also need to:

  • Control wages
  • Reduce heavy penalty rates
  • Follow the Fair Work Act laws

We have extensive proven results across a number of diverse industries and organisations in:

  • Negotiating and implementing cost effective enterprise agreements
  • Individual Flexibility Agreements, and
  • Tailored Independent Contractor Contracts

We can supply advice, support, documentation and representation in workplace and/or enterprise agreement negotiations.

If you need help dealing with Unions, we have extensive experience representing Companies and Employers at both industry and National level.

Do you need help planning a better employee or contractor framework for your business?

If you are considering the sale or purchase of a business, then we can provide the right advice on:

We can help you improve the bottom line and increase employee productivity and efficiency using:

We also offer a full suite of practical manuals, documentation, forms and advice on Work Health and Safety at the workplace.


LEIGH-BERNARDT1-240x300If you need advice and assistance with general employee human resources or industrial issues, call me, Leigh Bernhardt on (07) 5530 7625