Workplace Investigations

The main aspect of successfully dealing with workplace disputes including discrimination, harassment, bullying or incidents leading to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal is the first response investigation and analysis conducted as soon as the matter becomes apparent.

The first notice that a workplace problem or grievance exists that many employers receive is often from a Tribunal or the Fair Work Commission which advises that an employee or ex employee has lodged a formal complaint and is seeking compensation.

These claims can arise in the form of Unfair Dismissal Claims, Adverse Action Claims, Unlawfull Dismissal Claims or Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Claims.

Whether a notice of this type is received or under the circumstances that the employer becomes aware that there has been an incident and/or grievance at the workplace it is imperative that a comprehensive investigation from an independent third party is conducted as soon as possible.

This may include interviews with involved parties and a professional assessment of the issues involved and options available, so that if the matter progresses to a Tribumal a defensible and accurate record of events and actions can be supplied to assist the case.

Many of these matters are resolved at the initial hearing rather than progressing to a formal trial and in order to achieve this goal we can provide expert advice, representation and services to minimise costs and seek a speedy resolution to the matter/s.

Leigh is an experienced investigator who has been engaged to conduct investigations into many complex and on occasion delicate issues including Crime and Corruption Commission investigations and has an excellent record of success.

His experience and qualifications as an Arbitrator and Mediator combined with his HR and IR skills and knowledge provide a background of experience and knowledge to assist in these matters.