Industrial Advocacy

Representation in Unfair Dismissal, Workplace Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment, General Protections (Adverse Action) and employee related matters.


Leigh is an experienced and qualified Industrial Advocate with over 25 years of experience in representing clients and Industries in all manner of disputes and general industrial matters from National Wage case reviews to test cases on new work procedures and high profile dismissals, redundancy programs and corporate restructuring.

Leigh has appeared in State and Federal Industrial Tribunals and Anti Discrimination Tribunals on a regular basis for the majority of his career representing a wide variety of Companies and clients as a Senior Executive with exceptional results.

Successful results have been achieved in Unfair Dismissal, Bullying Harassment and Discrimination and Adverse Action claims.

Other tribunal appearances have included Enterprise Bargaining, performance management disputes, redundancy disputes and demarcation disputes.

Since commencing as a business consultant Leigh has represented businesses of all sizes in employment related issues with outstanding success.

Acting mainly for employers and armed with experience and knowledge of the applicable laws and systems means that your case is given the best possible chance of success with the minimum financial impact in a complex and often difficult environment.