Dispute Resolution of Employee Related Grievances

Leigh is a Certified Mediator and Arbitrator, Supreme Court Approved Mediator (Queensland), J.P. Qual QCAT Qld, member of the Resolution Institute of Australia and experienced negotiator and strategist.

Extensive experience in all types of workplace related grievances and disputes with an excellent record of successful results.

Leigh is a skilled negotiator and strategist with experience in many complex and difficult Industrial disputes at all levels, and has represented some of Australia’s largest Corporations and Industries both as a Consultant and Senior Executive.

He is a recognised expert in successfully negotiating and managing complex Industrial negotiations and maximising outcomes by achieving objectives and minimising potential damages.

Leigh is a skilled practitioner and experienced in all types of workplace grievances and disputes from one on one matters to National Industrial campaigns

The provision of practical and strategically sound advice and support is supplied to prevent damaging outcomes and reach mutually acceptable resolution where possible.

These services include advocacy and representation as required in the Fair Work Commission and other Tribunals as required.