Crime and Corruption Commission Investigations - CCC

The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) is an independent Queensland Government body created to investigate the occurrence of major crime and to improve the integrity of the Queensland public sector. The CCC also aims to reduce the incidence of corruption. The CCC has a range of diverse investigative powers which are used to enable the commission to effectively investigate cases of major crime. Many of these powers are not available to the Queensland Police.

As the CCC deals with complaints of official corruption or police corruption you will require help from someone who has worked on and in CCC investigations.

We have had extensive experience working with companies involved in reviews by the CCC and can provide specialist advice and support.

Our experience in conducting thorough and professional investigations and reports in these matters has resulted in successful outcomes for all clients to date.

If you need help with CCC Investigations, call me, Leigh Bernhardt on 0421 399 145