Productivity Assessments / Performance Assessments for your Company's Staff

Companies can increase their productivity in a range of different ways. The most common methods involve automation and computerisation which lessen the tasks that must be completed by employees. Less obvious techniques are also being shown to work successfully involve ergonomic design and worker comfort. A comfortable employee can produce more than a another who struggles through the day.

We can design and administer customised staff productivity assessments with your staff. We can compile a simple questionnaire that takes will personally analyze the staff member’s answers and provide you with a detailed analysis of your staff’s productivity and areas of strength or weaknesses. We will also provide you with a comprehensive recommendations report to help improve your daily productivity and results.

As a result of conducting a productivity sssessment, your employees’ performance you will learn where you can help to increase morale and productivity, and reduce staff losses.

In its simplest form, productivity is a ratio to measure how well an business or individual converts labor, materials, machines, etc into goods and services.

The successful management of this process, is ultimately the key to survival of your business. It should be the concern of and a development goal for all organizational members, irrespective of their position.

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