Corporate Restructuring / Business Restucturing Services

Workplace Restructuring

Leigh’s experience at the corporate level in restructuring major corporations and identifying and implementing complex and difficult productivity and staffing initiatives is well recognised.

Whether it is called downsizing, restructuring, rightsizing or redundancy the key is ensuring that business goals and objectives are able to be  achieved and that staff and resources are structured and aligned to meet business requirements and to maximise employee outputs.

The analysis and review of these requirements combined with the knowledge and experience to provide proactive and practical advice to achieve these goals is a key component of Leigh’s skills in this area.

Corporate restructuring / Business restructuring is a positive step in moving forward when a company needs to improve its efficiency and profitability. It also requires the help of someone with extensive business experience.

Corporate restructuring / Business restructuring involves the breaking down and reconstructing of areas within an organisation that need special focus from the management and owners. The process of restructuring often happens after corporate acquisitions, company collapse, takeovers or bankruptcy.

Or it can simply be a review of current operations aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency by maximising employee outputs and overall results.

We use a wide range of experience based on sound business principles to align business structures to staff and resource requirements. Through careful planning, we put in place the provision of strategies and structures to meet business demands and plan for future needs though the implementation of flexible work practices designed to meet the constantly changing business environment.

It is essential in todays volatile financial environment to keep in front of the competition and retain and/or grow your market share.

In order to do this it is important to have the best possible staff structure to maximise your ability to adapt and change as required and to get the best possible return on investment.

This includes review of the structure, cost and utilisation of staff to rightsize the organisation and to implement a downsizing or redundancy process where required.

We can advise you on processes which will optimise your profitability through restructuring and streamlining your internal procedures.


LEIGH-BERNARDT1-240x300If you need advice and assistance with aligning your business goals and objectives with employee structures, call me, Leigh Bernhardt on (07) 5530 7625