Corporate and Business Services

Leigh Bernhardt Corporate Consulting Services Pty Ltd provides practical advice and solutions across a wide range of business problems.

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Corporate Services

Leigh is able to provide a wide range of management consulting and business services including professional advice and support to clients based on many years of experience gained in a wide variety of business roles.

Over his career to date Leigh has held many senior roles which demanded Corporate Business Solutions across complex and diverse businesses.  His ability to quickly assess a complex problem and provide practical, timely and innovative advice is a valued asset.

Business Planning

Working closely with the client to apply practical and innovative solutions to maximise the performance and output of employees using contemporary practices and productivity bargaining initiatives.
The preparation of planning strategies and options to increase productivity and improve the bottom line.

We can supply business plan templates and advice and mentoring to provide the best possible outcomes.

Human resource management, HRM


Change Management

Analysis of business needs, risk management profiling and audit processes combined with strategies to align performance targets to corporate objectives and outputs.
Policy advice and support and the implementation of tailored business solutions, with action plans, accountability tables, key performance indicators and accurate measurement of outcomes and objectives.

Workplace Training

As a skilled presenter, trainer and facilitator, Leigh can design and present training workshops delivering practical, contemporary training which can be tailored to suit the client needs on subject matter and content…

At briefing


Strategic Analysis and Design

Working closely with clients to analyse business processes and needs and designing tailored solutions to meet their needs.

Project Management

Providing assistance to maximise efficiencies in the areas of compliance, corporate governance and the achievement of goals and objectives.




Restructuring and Re-Engineering

A wide range of experience based on sound business principles to align business structures to staff and resource requirements.

The provision of strategies and structures to meet business demands and plan for future needs though the implementation of flexible work practices designed to meet the constantly changing business environment.

Able to assist with redundancy programs and rightsizing of business.

Experienced in business mergers, acquisitions and franchise operations.